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MLA An Iúir Agus Ard Mhacha

Cathal Boylan

Cathal Boylan has been on Armagh City and District Council since 2005. He is currently the Sinn Féin Party Group Leader for Armagh Council and is a member of the Internal Scrutiny Committee, Public Services Scrutiny Committee, The public Parks Scrutiny Committee and the Market Place Theatre Management Board.

He is also Vice –chairperson of both the East Border Region Partnership and the Local Strategy Partnership (LSP).

A lifelong resident of Keady, he has a deep passion for the GAA and is an active member of the local GAA Club, where he has been involved in coaching and underage football for many years.

He sits on the recently formed Keady Regeneration Committee, and for many years his membership of Keady Residents Association has involved his participation in discussions with the Parades Commission. The married man is the Chairperson of the local Mc Verry / Mc Elvanna Sinn Féin Cumann of which he was a founder member.

Cathal has had a lengthy and committed involvement in republicanism and in 2001 he was the Director of Elections for the Crossmore Ward, and was an integral part of Conor Murphy’s successful campaign to become MP for Newry and Armagh in 2005. He also sits on the Newry and Armagh Sinn Féin governing body the Dáil Ceantair as well as the Armagh District Comhairle Ceantair.

Micky Brady

For decades now, Micky Brady has quietly, sympathetically and professionally represented people from all backgrounds who have sought independent advice on social welfare issues.  In that time he saw genuine need and endeavoured to alleviate it. 

No panel or committee or tribunal was complete without Micky Brady, the experienced counsellor and people’s advocate – the man whose name has become synonymous with Welfare Rights.

Ballybot born, Micky Brady is the quintessential Newry man, though his work has taken him throughout South Down and South Armagh.  Espousing the republican principles of Tone and Connolly, in those patriots’ endeavours to unite all the people of Ireland and to advance the interests of the working class, Micky Brady’s decision to enter the public political arena was a natural and welcome one.

Not just Newry, but the northern Assembly itself needs people of the calibre of Micky Brady.  Set against the sham world of some local politicians’ tiresome repertoire of postures and endless, empty public statements on matters of no importance, Micky Brady stands out as a man of substance, a worker with a performance record second to none. 

The changing political configuration in the North sorely needs individuals like Micky Brady, people of honesty, integrity and principle to whom sectarianism is anathema and for whom ordinary people’s needs are paramount.

IHis vast experience in representing individuals, families and community-based organisations has left him deeply aware of the need for compassion and fair play in society.  He is gently persuasive, informed and determined; a good fighter in the corner of the socially excluded and powerless, and a formidable opponent of bigotry and injustice. 

His emergence onto the public political stage is symbolic of the changes which are affecting the northern political landscape.  His community credentials allow Sinn Féin to break new ground locally and he adds a wider dimension to our Northern Assembly team.  

Conor Murphy

In 2005, Conor created history when he became the first Irish Republican to be elected as MP for Newry and Armagh.

In 1998 after serving as a Newry and Mourne Councillor for eight years he was elected to the Assembly where he chaired the Assembly committee, was his Party Chief Whip and also held the position of Group Leader of the Sinn Féin MLA’s in the Assembly.

He was re-elected the Assembly in 2003. He has also been SF spokesperson on Education, Equality and International Affairs at various times.

Conor is presently a key member of the Sinn Féin negotiating team with particular responsibility for institutional issues and has represented the Party at the Hillsborough, Leeds Castle and St Andrew’s negotiations and ongoing negotiations since 1998 the Newry and Armagh MP has been particularly highlighted the issues of de-militarisation and collusion.

The married family man, who has been a lifelong Camlough resident, has a deep passion for the GAA and is an active member of the local GAA Club, where he has been involved in coaching and underage football for many years. He plays an active role in community life in the area, working with the various Community Regeneration, Community Development and Féile Festival Committees and was formerly Chairperson of the Bunscoil an Iúir Board of Governors, as a member of Féile Chamlocha Festival Committee.

He has also is closely involved with the Newry City FairTrade Group. The former political prisoner sits on the Newry and Armagh Sinn Féin governing body the Dáil Ceantair, and is a member of the Steele / Mc Creesh Sinn Féin Cumann in his home village. 

The Sinn Fein MP has gained a great respect from all quarters for his commitment to serving all communities. He has endeavoured to see local democracy strengthened and brought closer to people in a meaningful, effective and efficient way. He has led the way in working with communities across the Newry and Armagh area to bring about change and ensure that the needs and concerns of people and communities are highlighted and addressed.